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Roofing Specialists

Flat Roofing

Superior Roofing Provide a wide range of roofing services including a variety of flat roofing services including; Rubberbond and Liquid plastic.

We pride ourselves on the reputation that we have built up for our high standard of work and excelent customer service. We leave our clients with professional flat roofing that not only looks good when completed but will continue to look good in years to come.

Flat Roofing we specialise in

Rubberbond Roofing

RubberBond EPDM has a proven 50-year life expectancy for all types of flat roof buildings.
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Liquid Plastic Roofing

All systems are easy to install and come with guarantees from 10 to 25 years dependent upon the system used. The systems are available in a range of colours and can withstand thermal and structural movement.
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